Torsade Earrings

The smallest things sometimes make the greatest impact, and nowhere is there plainer proof of that than in beautiful beaded jewellery. Like the tiles in a mosaic or the individual pieces in a stained glass window, the hundreds of tiny glass beads in torsade earrings add up to something much greater than the sum of those many parts. 

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Venetian glassmakers have earned worldwide acclaim for the brilliant colours they can achieve in glass; in these twisted bead earrings, you'll see those colours blended with other hues to their best advantage. Torsade earrings are also to your advantage, because they create a sophisticated colour conversation with everything in your wardrobe.

If you appreciate beautiful prints, you'll find plenty of occasions to wear a pair of torsade earrings. Glass artists in Murano create these artfully knotted rosettes of tiny glass beads in colours that harmonise with one another and with the hues you're most likely to wear together. Swirls of garnet and gold or sand and silver are an elegant pairing with a vibrant print featuring the colours in your earrings. Beaded earrings that pick out an accent colour in your scarf or skirt draw disparate wardrobe elements closer together visually. Professional stylists often work this kind of optical magic; it's how they can so effortlessly mix paisley with stripes or floral prints and make the combination look lovely. 

While these beaded Murano glass earrings do amazing things for your favourite prints, they also enliven solids, neutrals or monochromatic colour themes. Strands of vibrant colour accented with gold or silver add visual interest where you want it most: framing your face. The intricate beading contributes texture as well; their shine and shapes lend interest to otherwise unbroken fields of colour on a dress in a solid hue. A tone-on-tone suit in navy takes on greater depth when you combine it with azure, turquoise and silver accents in your jewellery. Contrasts create excitement, so you can also wear torsade earrings in cool jade and malachite tones to wake up a cashmere cardigan in burgundy, coral or candy-floss pink. 

Versatile and unusual, torsade earrings prove that the smallest details sometimes make the most stunning statements.

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