Pierced Earrings

The practice of wearing earrings has some surprising science behind it. Motion, colour contrast and light are scientifically proven to draw the eye, so when you wear a pair of sparkly earrings that sway with your every move, you naturally attract that attention to yourself. Whether you choose an arresting pair of shoulder-sweeping chandelier earrings to wear for an evening out or stud earrings in a cheerful hue to provide a glint of colour, earrings are a potent means of capturing attention without saying a word.

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If your jewellery box were your closet, then metallic earrings would be the equivalent of a little black dress. Gold or silver earrings are appropriate for any occasion. Shining gold in big, bold hoops has undeniable sex appeal, while smaller rings in subtle silver look smart for office wear. Stud earrings in polished metal are great for casual outings. Organic shapes in brushed gold or silver add interest and fashion-forward flair. Silver earrings in filigree have ethnic appeal that works for day or evening.

The right earrings for the right occasion

Shape is also an important consideration for choosing the right earrings for the occasion. The more sparkle and movement your earrings have, the more evening-ready they look. When you consider the science behind earrings, it only makes sense that the most alluring styles belong to evening wear. Chandelier earrings dripping with diamante or adorned with colourful beads command attention; wear them with a shoulder-baring gown that frames your face. Because these dramatic earrings make such an emphatic statement, they're usually the only jewellery you need.

At the other end of the spectrum, studs flatter with a subtler hint of sparkle or colour. Wear a pair of polished gemstone studs that matches your outfit or go for the surprise of contrast by wearing brightly coloured earrings with pale pastels. Pearl earrings also lend themselves beautifully to studs. White pearls are the traditional choice, but pearl earrings in pastels, neutral greys and even rich jewel tones improve upon nature's palette. While spheres are the classic shape for stud earrings, other designs give this wardrobe staple an intriguing twist. Domes, oval cabochons and even floral patterns pay homage to tradition while making a more individualistic fashion statement.

Fashionable Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are perfect for family occasions, casual parties and evenings with friends. They span the gap between the ladylike sophistication of studs and the face-flattering movement of chandelier styles. Express your creativity with twists of Murano glass, hand-painted drop designs and beautiful beadwork. Drop earrings are also particularly comfortable for all-day wear.

When you catch someone admiring your gorgeous drops or stunning studs, smile - science is on your side.

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