Which earrings will suit your face shape?

Posted by Pauline Buttress

A pretty pair of pierced or clip-on earrings is the perfect way to complete an outfit and make you feel properly dressed. And while stud earrings are the easiest to choose – they suit everybody, regardless of face shape – other styles can be used to accentuate or draw attention away from your features.

Just like choosing a necklace to suit the neckline of your top or dress, it’s a good idea to be aware of which earrings to choose to complement your face shape as this will give the most pleasing overall appearance.

Generally speaking, our faces are either round, square, oval or heart-shaped and earring designs are either studs, hoops, chandelier or drop styles. Once you understand which styles are best suited to which face shape, it’s easy to choose earrings which look good on you. (This is also helpful to know if you are choosing jewellery as a gift for a friend or loved one!)

You’ll find that drop earrings, or those with a vertical design, will draw the eye upwards, elongating the facial features. On the other hand, horizontal lines such as chandelier earrings, will draw the eye from side-to-side and accentuate the width of your face.

Earrings to suit a round face
If you have a round face, choose earrings with vertical lines to add length to your facial features. Elongated, linear, drop-style and narrow chandelier earrings may be a good choice for you.


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Earrings to suit a square face

People with square-shaped faces should look for rounded earrings such as hoops, long teardrops and narrow chandeliers as these will help to give a softer appearance to the face.


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Earrings to suit an oval face

Oval faces can be offset by hoop earrings as well as geometric shapes.  You can also wear teardrop-shaped drop earrings and chandelier styles.


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Earrings to suit a heart-shaped face

Good options for people with heart-shaped faces are teardrop-shaped long earrings and chandelier earrings which are wider at the bottom than the top.


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