What’s the difference between silver and silver tone jewellery?

Posted by Pauline Buttress

Metallic jewellery is always in style. But what’s the difference between sterling silver and silver tone jewellery? What is rose gold and gold plating? Read on to find out about the various precious metals we use to create our stunning jewellery collection.

What is sterling silver?
The terms silver and sterling silver are used interchangeably though sterling refers to silver which has had a small amount of another metal (usually copper) added to make it stronger for the creation of jewellery. On each piece of jewellery there should be a .925 inscription which verifies that it is made from sterling silver.




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What is silver-plated jewellery?

Silver-plated jewellery is less expensive than sterling silver but equally beautiful. The jewellery is created from a different metal, usually brass, zinc alloy or copper, and then coated with a layer of silver.


What is silver tone jewellery?

Silver tone jewellery refers to pieces which are silver in colour but not made from silver. Much of our silver tone costume jewellery is rhodium-plated as this is an excellent metal for crafting beautiful designs; it has a delightful dark silver colour.

What is gold-plated jewellery?
Similarly, gold-plated jewellery is less expensive than solid gold because the item is made from an alternative metal and then coated in gold. You will often find that gold-plated jewellery is described as gold tone jewellery.


What is rose gold tone jewellery?
Rose gold is created with a mixture of copper, silver and gold. Rose gold tone jewellery refers to pieces which are created using a different metal (brass, zinc alloy or copper) and then covered with a layer of rose gold.


What is vermeil?
Vermeil jewellery (pronounced ver-may) uses sterling silver as its base. It is then dipped in gold and given a thicker coating than you would get with gold-plated jewellery.


As you’ll see, we have a host of gorgeous statement necklaces with matching pierced and clip-on earrings in bright tones of silver, gold and rose gold. All of our gold and silver tone jewellery is nickel-free so it is non-allergenic.

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