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Venetian Murano Glass Necklaces

Elevating a humble material into an art form is no easy task, yet the Venetian glass bead necklaces from Murano’s magnificent glassmakers demonstrate precisely this level of skill. Murano is an island just off the Venetian coast and each and every single one of its stunning glass creations are pieces of art in their own right. Our collection of handcrafted Venetian glass bead necklaces is filled with stunning colours and designs, with each individual beaded necklace slightly different from the next. Pick your favourites from our latest collection of Murano’s Venetian glass bead necklaces including Murano glass pendants, chokers and long necklaces, perfect for adding a touch of authentic artisan brilliance to your casual and formal outfits.
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For centuries the artisan master glassmakers of Murano, Venice, have been crafting their beautiful Venetian glass bead necklaces. Creating true works of art from such a humble material as glass takes supremely talented craftsmanship and dedication, and our latest collection of Venetian Murano glass necklaces showcases this talent perfectly. Originating from the island of Murano just off the Venetian coast, the glass beads made by these master glassmakers are crafted with shimmering depths of colour, designed to capture rippling light and create some of the most beautifully creative jewellery in the world.

This latest range of Venetian glass bead necklaces features an extensive choice of styles from classic strings of glass beads to elegant glass pendants and long, elegant lariat-length styles. You can also choose from a huge variety of coloured glass, from deep opaline black to bright, vibrant colours, and because each bead is crafted by hand you can be sure that no two necklaces in our collection are the same. 

Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, our beaded necklaces will make an incredibly versatile addition to your jewellery box, plus they make ideal gifts for your loved ones.