Stud Clip On Earrings

When you want to add just that perfect accent to your outfit, clip on stud earrings are an elegant choice. Unlikebig and bold clip earrings that command attention, studs act as punctuation to your fashion statement. Let the focus fall on a notice-me necklace or a chunky cuff bracelet; studs are content to play the supporting role. Gemstones in vivid hues and striking patterns may steal the show even in their petite form, but they'll never overwhelm your look.

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Dainty Stud Clip On Earrings

Stud clip on earrings vary from tiny spheres of metal, pearls or other polished gemstones to cabochon styles that keep a low profile while showcasing the lovely colour of the central stone. Petite studs are your most casual, carefree option for everyday wear. They add a distinctly feminine touch even when you're spending the day in your garden or running errands about town. Pearls always look smart, but you can also opt for natural gemstones in all their colourful glory or enamelled floral studs that show your whimsical side.

Cabochon Stud Clip On Earrings

As an alternative to drop clip on earrings, cabochon studs look smart in the office or on outings with friends. In oval shapes, cabochon studs cover more of your lobes and hide any visible clasp for a sleek, sophisticated look. A frame of gold or silver lets you match your earrings to the rest of your jewellery. Look for unusual stones like moss agate, green amber and snowflake obsidian for a subtle, but unusual twist on traditional earring designs.  

Diamante Stud Clip On Earrings

Studs also dress up well. In dazzling diamante, clip on stud earrings rival their costlier faceted gem counterparts for sparkle. Simple pearl stud clip on earrings get a luxurious upgrade with diamante crystals surrounding them, while spheres coated in tiny crystals like colourful sugar sprinkles add delicate shimmer. When you want a pair of earrings that will stay comfortable all night, sparkling studs are an excellent choice.

Let other parts of your wardrobe take the spotlight; studs will complement whatever you wear beautifully.

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