Pearl Stud Clip On Earrings

Stud earrings strike just the right balance between beauty and wearability. They draw attention to your face, but never compete for attention with the sparkle of your eyes. Pearls are particularly flattering, and pearl stud clip on earrings give you the best of all possibilities with their practicality and charm. Softly luminous pearls always look feminine; as dainty clip on studs, they're also comfortable enough to wear all day or evening. You no longer need pierced ears to appreciate graceful pearl studs.

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Pearls' nacreous beauty was once impossible to duplicate, but new crafting techniques make glass pearls almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. Light and affordable, clip on pearl stud earrings in glass come in an array of colours that go far beyond what Mother Nature had in mind for humble oysters. Wear them to match your outfit, or go bold and choose a pair of pearl studs that creates eye-catching contrast. If you love the lustre of natural pearls, you'll find it in freshwater cultured pearls.

Once considered a gem beyond price, the technique of inducing oysters to grow pearls brought these softly beautiful gems within the range of women who weren't royalty. New methods allow freshwater species to produce gorgeous pearls as well, so freshwater pearl stud clip on earrings can become your everyday indulgence. In white, ivory, silver and a range of flattering blush pinks, freshwater pearls come in spheres or coin shapes to complement any style.

Pair pearls with other gems, and you have an even more stunning combination. Pearl studs with sparkling CZ accents bring together the best of softness and brilliance for face-flattering appeal. A bouquet of colours lets you choose a pair to match anything you like. The combination of pearls and faceted gems makes pearl clip on drop earrings just as dazzling. Pearl studs can be your signature style with anything from jeans to a cocktail dress. Ladylike without ever becoming fussy, pearls are always right.