The Ultimate Pearl Necklace Guide – How to Wear Pearls

A delightful string of pearls is always hard to resist and as they are available in such an array of styles that you can be sure to find a piece of pearl costume jewellery to suit practically any occasion. When you slip on your pearls, you’ll look amazing and feel wonderful no matter what the day throws at you.

A string of pearls will always help you to look effortlessly groomed. However, different styles of pearl costume jewellery work better with some looks than others. As a general rule, pearls look their best resting on bare skin or thin silky fabrics or perhaps cashmere. Here is a brief guide to some of the best-loved styles of pearl necklaces:

Different styles of pearl necklaces

A collar necklace sits high on the neck with a snug fit. A pearl collar usually consists of several strands of pearls, giving an opulent look. A pearl collar with a pendant was a key part of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. A pearl collar looks great teamed with V-necked dresses or any off-the-shoulder top. Team with clip on earrings and a chignon for an elegant and sophisticated look.



A long rope of pearls has been a fashion staple for decades, or even centuries – think of portraits of Queen Elizabeth 1 with multiple waist-length ropes decadently adorning ornate gowns. Today, pearl rope necklaces are usually 112 cm in length and are often equipped with concealed snaps, enabling the wearer to divide them into bracelets and necklaces of varying lengths.



This classic style of necklace consisting of a single strand of pearls is usually about 36 – 45 cm and looks beautiful with every style of neckline. A single strand of pearls was famously worn and loved by Marilyn Monroe who was given the necklace by Joe DiMaggio on their honeymoon in Japan – and she continued to wear it long after their divorce. A choker is the most versatile style of necklace and can be worn during the day, as well as for formal social occasions. Why not wear one to the office to add a touch of femininity to a formal office suit?



A pendant necklace of pearls usually features a single large pearl as a pendant sometimes with other gemstones, while the rest of the necklace usually consists of a fine linked chain in either gold or silver.



Coloured pearls

The creamy iridescent lustre of natural pearls is exquisitely beautiful, but did you know that pearls are also available other colours, such as pink, brown, gold, black, and blue – ideal if you want to experiment with colour and texture. If you choose a necklace of coloured pearls, opt for a pair of clip on earrings or bracelets in a matching shade.



Eternal elegance
Whether real or imitation, the colour of natural pearls draw out the inner beauty of the wearer and look stunning on women of all ages. They are an accessory that never goes out of fashion and will never let you down. Forget diamonds being a girl’s best friend; at Eternal Collection we think pearls are a far stronger contender!

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