Secure, comfy and stylish!

Want the elegance and charm of hoop earrings without the pinch of piercings? Our clip on hoop earrings are the perfect combination of elegance, charm and comfortable convenience, with cleverly concealed fastening mechanisms for a flawless look.

Get the glamour and statement style of hoops without the need for pierced ears. Whether you’re looking for small and dainty or big and bold, our clip on hoops range includes styles in all sizes and a variety of thicknesses to suit your taste.

Choose from delicate small clip on hoop earrings, perfect for day to day wear, or go all out with a pair of large clip on hoops, great for turning heads on evenings out.

Our clip on hoop earrings are designed to be incredibly easy to put on and very comfortable to wear day in, day out. Our designs include a range of different clip-on fastenings including classic adjustable mini clips and spring-loaded fastenings, so you can find the perfect discreet style that best suits your ears.

Browse our range of clip on hoop earrings at Eternal Collection today and bag yourself a brand new pair of classic hoops without the need for piercings.

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