Our Top 7 Facts About Clip On Earrings

The popularity of clip on earrings may come and go, but for many, clip on earrings are a style staple that they keep in their jewellery box all year round. Despite this, so little is known about clip on earrings by mainstream jewellery lovers.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite facts about clip on earrings to help you get an understanding of where clip on earrings came from, what kinds of clip on earrings are available, and why clip on earrings are more popular than you might think!

  1. Clip On Earrings Are A Symbol of Victorian Fashion
    Until the early 20th century, clip on earrings were extremely rare. However, with the ushering in of the Victorian era and values, the act of piercing your ears was suddenly regarded as unclean and vulgar. In order to do away with ear piercing, screw back clip on earrings were invented to remove the need for a piercing. The chandelier clip on earring style, in particular, became a symbol of Victorian fashion. Clip on earrings enjoyed another resurgence in popularity in the 1900s with daintier designs, in the 1930s thanks to the invention of spring clips, and again in the 1980s when chunky earrings were a must-have.

  2. There Are Many Different Kinds of Clip On Earring Fittings
    Not all clip on earrings are designed the same. In fact, there’s a range of different clip on earring fittings to choose from that each offer their own benefits. Some of the different clip on earring fittings you can choose from include:
    a. Traditional Paddle Back Clip
    b. Simple Clip (Small Paddle Back Clip)
    c. Pierced Look Clip (Hinged Clip)
    d. Mini Clip
    e. Simple Screwback Clip
    f. Hinged Screwback Clip

    At Eternal Collection, we’re able to customise most drop earrings to suit your preferred clip on earring fitting, so please get in touch if you’d like to adapt a pair of earrings you own to one of these clip on earring fittings.

  3. Celebrities & Models Love Clip On Earrings
    While you may not think that you’ve seen celebrities wearing clip on earrings, you’re actually mistaken! Clip on earrings have so evolved that they’re now barely detectable, but we’ve spotted celebrities from Michelle Obama to Beyonce and even members of the Royal family wearing clip on earrings – next time you see a pair of large, ornamental earrings on a celebrity or a runway model, you may want to take a closer look…

  4. There’s Such Thing as Designer Clip On Earrings
    Clip on earrings have a bit of a reputation for not being particularly high fashion. That being said, it may surprise you to know that some of the biggest fashion and jewellery designers in the world produce collections of clip on earrings and get their models to wear clip on earrings on their runways. Designers such as Oscar de la Renta and fashion houses such as D&G produce fabulous collections of clip on earrings (though if you prefer a non-designer price tag our clip on earrings at Eternal Collection make for fantastic designer dupes).

  5. Clip On Earrings Are Safe for Haemophiliacs
    Sometimes, medical conditions can prevent us from piercing our ears. Haemophiliacs in particular, or those that are prone to developing keloids, must steer clear from piercings of any kind, but can still enjoy earrings by investing in a pair of clip on earrings instead.

  6. Clip On Earrings Promote Healthy Ear Lobes
    The problem with large earrings is that they can be very heavy which pulls on the ear lobe. If worn repeatedly or for long periods of time, this can mean that the piercing or the ear lobe itself can stretch and become misshapen. Clip On Earrings are designed to bear much heavier earring weights, and don’t require a piercing that may become stretched over time.

  7. Clip On Earrings Don’t Have to be Painful
    So many people believe that clip on earrings are uncomfortable to wear, and while this may have been the case way back when, clip on earring designs have evolved to eliminate this problem. What most people don’t realise is that clip on earrings are adjustable and can, therefore, be fitted comfortably. Read our guide on How to Adjust Clip on Earrings or view our video on How to Adjust Clip on Earrings for more information and advice on making your clip on earrings even more enjoyable to wear.



Want to know more about clip on earrings? Read our post which answers your clip on earrings questions for more information. Ready to make the change from pierced earrings? Browse our extensive collection of clip on earrings at Eternal Collection

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