Our guide to choosing the perfect necklace length

What’s the occasion? Different necklace lengths lend themselves perfectly to particular occasions, dress codes and necklines, and our necklace length guide is here to make sure you get it just right.

First things first, all necklaces fall into one of four main length categories, and they are:

Chokers and Collars

Choker necklaces are close-fitting and sit at the base of the neck.
(15-17 inches)

Best suited to: Evening occasions. Pearl and diamante chokers look incredibly classy for a formal evening occasion, while fabric and bead chokers work perfectly for a more casual party outfit.

Pendants and Princess Length Necklaces

The most commonly worn style, which sits at the collarbone.
(17-19 inches)

Best suited to: All occasions. This is the most commonly found style of necklace and, depending on the material and pendant style, can be worn for practically all occasions.

Short and Matinee Length Necklaces

Slightly longer and usually sits between the collarbone and bust.
(20-24 inches)

Best suited to: Formal evening occasions such as dinners and ceremonies, where elegance and glamour are key.

Lariat and Rope Length Necklaces

Hangs anywhere from the top of the bust to the waist.
(24-60 inches)

Best suited to: Formal evening occasions cry out for elegant rope necklaces, especially when layered up with matinee and princess necklaces.

All of these necklace lengths can look simply stunning when paired with the right outfit for the right occasion. A lot of the chemistry between an outfit and a necklace depends on the neckline you’re wearing so here’s a quick guide to which necklace chain lengths work with which neckline styles:

Know Your Necklines!

Use our handy illustrated necklace length guide to match up your neckline with the perfect necklace chain length:

Choosing the Right Necklace Chain Length for Your Occasion

Got your neckline and necklace perfectly matched? Now it’s time to make sure the whole package perfectly suits the occasion. Here are the four main types of necklace length and the occasions each ones are best suited for:

Once you’ve used our necklace length guide to figure out which length is best for your upcoming occasions and outfit styles, it’s time to pick your necklaces.

Many of our necklaces are available in a range of lengths so you can find your ideal match, and you could even buy the same style in multiple lengths for perfectly coordinated layering. Explore our full necklaces collection here.

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