How To Wear a Pashmina

Pashmina scarves are one of the most luxurious styles of scarf available to women, and here at Eternal Collection, we offer a beautiful range of brightly coloured pashminas for you to choose from. However, we understand that it’s not always easy to know exactly how to wear a pashmina.

Pashminas are an extremely versatile type of scarf and as such, can be worn in a multitude of ways. Whichever way you choose, your pashmina shawl is sure to be luxuriously soft, so make sure you take the time to fully consider your styling options to best enjoy your pashmina.

Ways to Wear a Pashmina

  1. Wear A Pashmina As a Shawl
    The most traditional way to wear a pashmina, using your pashmina as a shawl is as simple as folding it in half, draping it around your shoulders and allowing the tasselled edges to hang loosely either in front of you, or with one end thrown over the opposite shoulder.
  2. Wrap A Pashmina In Italian Style
    A simple style with a little added flair, the “Italian” way of wearing a pashmina can be achieved by folding the pashmina in half lengthways 3 times, looping it around your neck, then bringing the loose ends through the loop at the other end and pulling them through. This should leave you with a cosy style, and the ends of the pashmina can then be tucked into your coat or left to hang in front of you if you’ve styled without.
  3. Wear A Pashmina As a Full Wrap
    A lavish way to wear a pashmina, the full wrap simply requires you to wrap the pashmina around your shoulders without any folding – from there, you can tie the ends of the pashmina in front of you.
  4. Use A Pashmina As a Head Scarf
    Fold the pashmina in half, place the middle part of the pashmina over your head drape the loose parts of the pashmina over your shoulders for a secure fit.
  5. Tie A Pashmina Scarf in a Bolero Style
    Drape your pashmina around your shoulder, then take the ends and tie them into a knot around the back of your body for a simple bolero style in seconds.
  6. Wear A Pashmina In A Wedding Style
    There is a classic pashmina style that is often used at weddings. Draping your pashmina around your shoulders, create a loose knot around the front of your body for an elegant shrug style perfect for outdoor photographs.
  7. Create Pashmina Scarves of Any Length
    Pashminas are an extremely versatile accessory and can be styled to a variety of lengths – simply fold and wrap your pashmina scarf to the desired length and style for your outfit.
  8. Wear A Pashmina As a Sarong
    Perfect accessories for the beach, pashminas can easily be tied around the waist or hips for an elegant sarong style in warmer weather.

When To Wear Your Pashmina

Pashmina Colour When To Wear
Fuchsia Pashmina A bold and uplifting colour, fuchsia is a beautiful tone that is sure to turn heads either through the day or for special occasions.
Red Pashmina Red is a warm colour that complements almost all skin tones and colour palettes. A red pashmina would make a great statement piece with a contrasting outfit.
Dark Blue Pashmina Associated with wisdom and confidence, a blue pashmina can bring a sense of authority to an outfit – perfect when styling for the workplace.
Light Blue Pashmina A positive and calming colour, light blue pashminas are a great pick for spring and summer and can be styled with other pastel tones.
Black Pashmina Black is an excellent staple colour for your wardrobe. A black pashmina can be paired with almost any colour for a bold contrast and a striking look which can be both formal and casual.
Purple Pashmina One of the most luxurious colours, a purple pashmina complements most skin tones and is the perfect pick for a formal occasion.
Charcoal Grey Pashmina Ideal for day to day styling, charcoal grey pashminas are a neutral colour that can be worn with other neutrals or with bold colours for a stylish effect.
Green Pashmina Dark or olive green shades are often associated with nature, making a green pashmina a great pick for springtime.
Camel Pashmina The ultimate neutral colour, a camel pashmina is an excellent choice for casual styling all year round.

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