If you’re going to stop your necklace collection from becoming a tangle, you’ll need to properly consider how best to organise your necklaces. Aside from looking much tidier, a properly organised necklace collection means that you’ll be able to access your necklaces much easier, and they’re much less likely to become damaged while in storage.

How to store necklaces without tangling has long been a puzzle for those with jewellery collections of all sizes, and we think we have the answer.

Of course, not everyone has the ideal necklace storage system available, so we’ve put together some necklace storage techniques that should help you to store your necklaces tangle-free, no matter what kind of jewellery storage space you have available.

If You Have a Drawer

Drawers are a great place to store large amounts of jewellery as it keeps your collection from cluttering any surfaces. However, storing your necklaces in a drawer can quickly become chaotic. To prevent your necklaces from becoming tangled in a drawer, there are a few steps you can take.

1. Count Your Necklaces

How many necklaces are you looking to store? The number of necklaces will determine what the best course of action will be when it comes to necklace storage.

2. Choose Containers

There’s no one way to store a necklace. From homemade necklace containers such as egg boxes or box lids that can be used as drawer dividers to plastic drawer dividers to purpose made jewellery storage, decide which necklace container best suits your drawer and budget.

3. Categorise By Style

Once your necklaces are neat, you need to make sure that they’re easy for you to quickly access. Organising your necklaces by style means that you know exactly where to look when you need a necklace for a formal occasion, for work, or for a casual day out.

4. Layer Large Collections

A large necklace collection may sometimes require a deep drawer. If you have the space available, consider creating a bottom layer with lesser worn pieces that may be out of season or for very particular occasions, leaving the top layer for necklaces that you’ll want to access more regularly.

If You Have a Vanity Unit

Vanity units give you a multitude of options when it comes to storing necklaces, allowing you to display some necklaces while storing others away – providing that your vanity unit also has drawer space. If you don’t have any drawer space at all, there are a few necklace storage solutions you can choose from.

1. Jewellery Dishes

If you have a small necklace collection, shallow jewellery dishes can be a lovely way to showcase your collection on a decorative piece that will enhance the appearance of your vanity unit. Leaving your necklaces out in this way means that you’ll be able to easily pick up a necklace while getting ready, without having to search for one.

2. Necklace Displays

One of the most popular ways to store necklaces on vanity units is with the use of necklace displays such as necklace trees or a necklace carousel. Some even choose to drape necklaces over figurines and decorative pieces already on their vanity unit.                                 

3. Jewellery Boxes

A great necklace storage method that stops your necklaces from collecting dust, a decorative jewellery box can also be a stylish way to store your necklaces while also enhancing the appearance of your vanity unit. Just make sure to compartmentalise your jewellery box as you would a drawer to prevent your necklaces from becoming tangled!

If You Have Wall Space

Not everyone has room for a set of drawers of a vanity unit, but there are still plenty of ways you can store your necklaces to avoid the big tangle, even without dedicated storage furniture!

1. Find A Free Wall

If you have a free wall with a decent amount of hanging space, fix hooks or mount a rod to the wall then hang your necklaces from these wall fittings. This means your necklaces will be neatly stored, easy to reach, and will add to the decorative feel in your room.

2. Build Storage Into Existing Furniture

Existing furniture such as a mirror or the inside of a wardrobe door can be the perfect place to create necklace storage. Whether you want to invest in a full-length mirror organiser, or you’re more suited to mount a rod on the inside of your wardrobe door, there are many ways to build necklace storage into your existing furniture pieces.

3. Create DIY Wall Storage

A simple wall-storage solution for necklaces can be to mount a cork memo board on your wall and hang your necklaces off decorative push pins. This works exactly in the same way as fitting hooks or a rod to your wall, but means that your storage solution is easily movable should you choose to decorate the room later on.

If You’re Travelling

Not all storage solutions need to be static – in fact, your necklaces need protecting from tangles even more when they’re in transit! How to store necklaces for travelling can take a bit of planning. Here at Eternal Collection, we offer a fantastic selection of jewellery organisers that includes necklace organisers, jewellery rolls and travel jewellery cases designed to carefully organise and protect your jewellery as you travel.

1. Use Necklace Organisers

Necklace organisers are like books, with each ‘page’ offering you space to carefully hang your necklaces. This makes it easy to transport your necklaces without tangles, but also makes it really simple to browse through your necklace collection.

2. Use Jewellery Rolls

Rollable for easy storage, jewellery rolls give you plenty of storage for your necklaces. Bear in mind that while a jewellery roll will protect your necklaces in transit, you may still find tangles.

3. Use a Travel Jewellery Case

Much like a jewellery box, a travel jewellery case allows you to neatly store away your necklaces for whenever you need to access them. As long as you utilise compartments properly, your necklaces should stay protected and untangled for when you arrive at your destination.

Travel Necklace Case

Still looking for the perfect necklace storage solution? Browse our full collection of jewellery storage here at Eternal Collection today.

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