How To Choose a Jewellery Gift They’ll (Genuinely) Love

Each year can be a struggle for those looking to gift a special jewellery piece to their significant other. Christmas can be a particularly difficult occasion to buy for, too. Many jewellery-gifting occasions come with a particular theme – birth gemstones or zodiac jewellery for birthdays, particular precious metals and gemstones for special anniversaries – but Christmas is wide open to interpretation meaning that the pressure is on to find a jewellery gift they’ll truly cherish (and not slyly return in the new year).

We at Eternal Collection want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose a jewellery gift that they’ll genuinely love this Christmas – follow our Christmas jewellery buying guide and you may find that the jewellery buying process is far simpler than you thought.

Our tried and tested jewellery buying method is broken down into a clear set of steps:

  1. Popular opinion vs Jewellery box
  2. Observation & research
  3. Choosing the metal
  4. Choosing a stone or talisman

1. Popular Opinion vs Jewellery Box

First of all, it’s good to take the temperature of public opinion when it comes to buying jewellery for a partner. Each year, gifting trends tend to change, and if your significant other has their finger on the style pulse, you might find that going with your gut instinct might be clashing with the jewellery items that are most in vogue for the festive season.

Christmas 2018 is set to be the year of necklaces, with the majority of those surveyed claiming they’re hoping for a necklace under the tree this year. Earrings come in at a close second, with bracelets and (non-engagement) rings proving to be the most unpopular jewellery items this year.

Bearing this in mind, you’re best to do a quick check of their jewellery box or be extra observant in the run-up to Christmas to work out which jewellery items they prefer. Do they have a large collection of necklaces? Do they have a matching pair of earrings for each necklace they own? Do they wear necklaces at all?

If you’re one for having a short-term memory, try and snap a picture of the contents of the jewellery box for quick reference while you shop.

2. Observation & Research

Once you’ve had a good snoop around their jewellery box to gauge their favourite jewellery items, it’s still a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for the types of jewellery they’re wearing day to day – you want your gift to be something they’ll treasure and wear often, not relegated to the depths of their jewellery collection.

In particular, keep an eye out for the style of jewellery they wear most often – is there a particular metal they enjoy, a special gemstone or talisman that’s close to their hearts, a particular length of necklace, shape of earring or design of bracelet they prefer?

Tread carefully at this stage of the process – you don’t want to get caught out by accidentally buying them a new necklace or jewellery piece to replace one they’re dedicated to wearing every day!

3. Choosing the Metal

Jewellery is typically made from one of three precious metals; gold, silver and rose gold. Rose gold has been a popular choice among the fashion conscious for the past few years, but it’s not universally beloved – best try and slip it into the conversation to get their individual opinion on rose gold before you take the plunge.

Yellow gold has a more traditional look to it, however, silver is often a more popular choice. If you’ve done your research properly, you’ll likely be able to tell whether they prefer gold jewellery or silver jewellery depending on which type they own the most of.

4. Choosing a Stone or Talisman

If you’re looking for a jewellery gift imbued with meaning, you may want to do a little digging into their favourite gemstone or talisman. Do they love pearls, do they have a particular animal they feel an affinity with, do they prefer plain jewellery without any meaning at all? Look for recurring themes in their jewellery collection to indicate which stone or talisman may be best received.

Tip! While birthstone jewellery is most frequently gifted on birthdays, if you’re really stuck they can be a good stone to fall back on as they’re an instantly personal choice.

Once you’ve worked your way through these research steps, you can start to look at how to choose your chosen piece of jewellery in detail:

How to Choose a Necklace

As one of the most popular Christmas gifts for 2018, a necklace would be a good choice to make, but there are a few things you’ll want to consider beyond the metal and gemstone featured on the necklace.

Necklaces chains are often a sticking point when choosing a necklace to gift – some people prefer a dainty chain and others a wider, stand-out necklace. The chain length should also be carefully considered – many necklaces come in a variety of different lengths from short necklaces at 16-18 inches, to long necklaces at 20-22 inches. Shorter chains will typically sit above the neckline of a top or dress whereas longer chains tend to sit below the neckline.

How to Choose a Pair of Earrings

If you’re gifting both a necklace and earrings, look for a way to make the earrings match the necklace, whether that be by choosing a pair of earrings crafted from the same metal, featuring the same gemstone, or designed in a similar style.

Be wary that not everyone has pierced ears! Your loved one may wear clip-on earrings, so make sure you check the mechanism at the back of the earring to see if you need to buy standard earrings or clip-on earrings and avoid embarrassment!

How to Choose a Bracelet

Bracelets are the jewellery item that your partner is most likely to have a favourite of – for example, many people these days prefer to wear a charm bracelet. Check that this isn’t the case before you start shopping for bracelets, but if they seem to have a variety at hand and switch out their bracelet styles day-to-day, it’s safe to assume that a bracelet would be a welcome gift.

Test their existing bracelets out to see if they’re a flexible bead or chain, or a solid bangle as an indicator of which style you should choose – people tend to have strong opinions either way about how comfortable bangles are to wear, so it’s important to find this out.

We offer a huge range of affordable jewellery pieces that would make perfect gifts for your partner this Christmas – take a look at our collections of necklaces, bracelets and earrings (including clip-on earrings) to find jewellery they’ll treasure, or pick up a jewellery accessory such as a festive brooch for a seasonal stocking filler.

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