We all know that costume jewellery can make all the difference to a finished look. Here are our 5 top tips on successfully accessorising your outfits.

 1.  What’s the role of your jewellery?

Jewellery can play one of two roles.  It can either be the focus of your outfit, or it can enhance what you’re wearing.  Decide what role your jewellery is playing in your overall look and let this guide your choices.  And remember, accessories such as a silk scarf can be just as eye-catching as jewellery, especially when teamed with a pretty scarf ring or scarf clip.

2.  Think about the detail

If you’re wearing a print fabric or an outfit with a lot of detail, keep your costume jewellery and accessories as simple as possible.  You want to keep the focus on your clothing and use jewellery to complete your look.  Gold and silver tone necklaces, earrings or bracelets always work well, as does delicate pearl costume jewellery.

Conversely, if your clothing is plain and simple, you can be braver with your choice of jewellery.  Choose high fashion necklaces and big and bold clip-on earrings in pretty shapes and colours to help bring a simple outfit to life.

3.  Pick jewellery which is in proportion to your size.

It’s worth remembering that long necklaces can make you look taller, so opt for pendant or lariat necklaces which reach as far as your tummy. A shorter necklace will tend to have the opposite effect, so go for a Torsade-style necklace if you want to lose a few inches of height!  Petite builds will tend to suit delicate jewellery while larger ladies can pull off bigger, bolder styles.

 4.  Pick earrings which suit your face shape

The style of earrings you wear can make a remarkable difference to the shape of your face. If you have a round-shaped face, opt for long or angular earrings as these will help to make your face look slightly longer.  On the other hand, if you have a long face you can wear round or hoop-style earrings as these will tend to give your face a broader appearance. If in doubt opt for small stud-style earrings, they suit everybody!

If you don’t have pierced ears you can still enjoy the latest styles as there’s a whole host of clip-on earrings with comfortable findings which don’t pinch your ears.

5.  Break the rules!

Most of us get to know what suits us so that when we go shopping we go into autopilot, noticing the styles we would normally pick and switching off to the styles we’ve never worn before.  Fashion and costume jewellery is supposed to be fun, so while it’s worth bearing in mind these hints and tips, don’t be scared to try something new.  Accessories are a great way to experiment with styles and colours you perhaps wouldn’t choose as clothing.  Even a necklace in a length you wouldn’t normally pick, or a beautiful pair of stand-out earrings instead of your usual discreet studs can make a difference to your look.



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