Earrings are the ultimate statement jewellery accessory, providing the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. But which style is right for you? Here’s our brief guide to the main types of earrings to wear on different occasions.

Stylish studs



No jewellery collection should be without several pairs of stud earrings as they are so versatile – effortlessly complementing any outfit from professional workwear to an evening gown. Studs are subtle, elegant and beautiful and are available in many styles to suit all budgets from diamante studs to cute enamel honey bee studs. Stud earrings are also extremely practical – being so compact they tend not to get tangled up in hair and can be worn in workplaces where other styles of earring would be considered inappropriate. They are also lightweight and comfortable and can even be left in overnight.




Delicate drop earrings



Drop earrings are earrings that hang a little way from the earlobe. They can be relatively simple in design and are typically a silver or gold tone, often adorned with gemstones, beads or a charm. Drop earrings are guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons. Feminine yet more understated than chandelier earrings, drop earrings add prettiness and glamour and can be used to take an outfit from the day into the night. Universally flattering, drop earrings have been a fashion favourite for thousands of years, and look particularly chic when hair is worn off the face. Choose from an array of eye-catching designs from contemporary styles to classic Venetian glass drop earrings.




Chandelier earrings



Chandelier earrings have much in common with their namesake which evokes the shimmery glamour of a chandelier-lit room where the light bounces off the tiny crystals to create a dynamic and enticing look.  Chandelier earrings feature a more complex construction with the sturdiest part at the top near the earlobes from which an intricate structure of crystals and/or beads, strung on dangling threads, are suspended. These threads make the wind-chime appearance of chandelier earrings.  Available in colours and styles to suit all tastes, diamante or rainbow Austrian crystal chandelier earrings never fail to add a showstopping finishing touch to an evening outfit.




Glamorous hoop earrings



The history of hoop earrings begins from the mists of time and they have remained in fashion for a very good reason – hoop earrings are very flattering, drawing attention to your jaw and cheekbones. Hoop earrings are available in a wide range of shapes and styles and more intricate versions might feature a pearl or crystal for detail.  Simple hoop earrings made from rose gold, silver or gold tones allow a subtle look.





Different types of earring fitments


Most of our earrings are available in pierced and clip on styles and generally our standard fitments will be fine. However, if you find they are a little too loose or tight, you can easily adjust them – simply read our instructions or watch our video on how to adjust your earrings.  Alternatively, we are happy to change the finding if possible. Find out how to customise your jewellery with a variety of adjustments to suit you.




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