bangles and bracelets 16/08/2018

What is the Difference Between a Bangle and a Bracelet? A Guide to Wrist Jewellery

Bracelets and Bangles. Bangles and bracelets. What’s the difference? You could (perhaps) be forgiven for considering them as one and the same; after all, they’re both generally made of precious metals and are worn as decoration around the wrist. However, these two fabulous pieces of jewellery are actually very different indeed, so we thought we’d address the confusion head-on with our own basic guide to bangles and bracelets. Let’s start from the beginning: The origins of bangles and bracelets … Bangles Believe it or not, the bangle has been around... Read More


Stars that Sparkle: The Celebrities Who Adore Swarovski

Swarovski and stardom are two shining elements that have long been intertwined. From the very first on-screen appearance with Marlene Dietrich in Blonde Venus in 1932 to Dorothy’s famous red slippers in The Wizard of Oz, right through to the elegant jewellery on today’s modern fashion runways, Swarovski crystals have never been far from the spotlight. Whether it’s dazzling Swarovski necklaces or the latest collections of Atelier Swarovski earrings, celebrities simply cannot get enough of these coveted crystals, and we can’t blame them. There’s nothing quite like the light-reflecting facets... Read More


Which Necklace Chain Length Should You Choose? The Eternal Necklace Length Guide

What’s the occasion? Different necklace lengths lend themselves perfectly to different occasions, dress codes and necklines, and our necklace length guide is here to make sure you get it just right. First thing’s first, let’s look at those lengths. The 4 Main Necklace Chain Lengths All necklaces fall into one of four main length categories, and they are: Choker / Collar (15-17”) – Choker necklaces are close-fitting and sit at the base of the neck Pendant / Princess (17-19”) – The most commonly worn style, which sits at the collarbone... Read More