4 ways to style a brooch

Brooches are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour or a hint of sparkle to an outfit. But brooches are not just limited to your lapel, they are extremely versatile and therefore a great addition to your jewellery box!

Option 1 – Jazz up an old handbag
Your handbag is a blank canvas on which you can let your imagination run wild. Pin a glamorous brooch to a small handbag or clutch, or add several brooches scattered across a larger bag for added personality.

Option 2 – Smarten up a casual blazer
The most popular place to wear a brooch on a blazer is the lapel, and really it’s the only place it looks nice! However, that’s not to say that you can’t get experimental by wearing more than one brooch at a time for a quirky look.

Option 3 – Accessorise a blouse or top
Depending on the size of your brooch and the shape of the neckline, you can pin a brooch:
– to your chest on either side
– beneath your bust
– on your waistline
– on the ‘v’ of the neckline

Option 4 – Add to a hat
Hats are fantastic accessories in themselves, but you can make them stand out that little bit more by choosing to combine them with a brooch. Pin a brooch to the side of your hat for a cosy yet glamorous look.

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