When you think of a costume, you probably think of a fancy dress party. Costume jewellery bears no relation to mummery, though. The term comes from jewellery that fashionable ladies could easily switch out to complement the many elegant outfits they might wear throughout the day. Costume necklaces and bracelets were a way to showcase a finely honed sense of personal style. Today, costume jewellery fills the same purpose, but with a far larger range of colours, shapes and materials to accent your signature style.

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Thanks to its ability to embrace emerging trends and new materials, costume jewellery is its own wearable art form. One popular style for costume necklaces makes use of thoroughly modern monofilament to create the illusion of pearls or beads suspended in space. Nearly invisible and incredibly tough, monofilament illusion necklaces have an offbeat glamour all of their own.

From Murano Glass Necklaces to Faux Pearl Necklaces

Modern manufacturing techniques combine with centuries-old artistry in Murano glass jewellery. Venetian glass-makers are renowned worldwide for their workmanship. Murano glass beads make gorgeous necklaces, and because they come in a rainbow of colours, you can be true to the aesthetic of costume jewellery and pick a new necklace for every outfit you wear. Venetian glass jewellery is only one type of wearable art.

Pearls were once the costliest of gems, but thanks to new methods in manufacturing, pearl necklaces have all but supplanted naturally created pearls. Oysters have a fairly limited palette, but jewellery made from glass pearls makes pearl necklaces available in a glorious range of colours. Not only are faux pearls as lustrous as their natural cousins, they're also kinder. If their lips could speak, the world's black-lipped oyster population would thank you for choosing glass Tahitian pearls.

Costume jewellery necklaces dress up everything you wear, but part of the fun of costume jewellery is mixing and matching them. Pair a pink faux pearl necklace with one made from rose quartz or hematite semi-precious gemstones for an eye-catching contrast. Earrings and necklaces can coordinate without matching. A stunning Murano glass pendant plays beautifully against jade drop earrings that catch the cool greens in the multicolored glass. Dazzling clear crystal goes with every colour in your jewellery box.

Costume jewellery that combines multiple metals or colours is especially versatile. Costume necklaces that feature alternating beads in contrasting hues or metal knotwork earrings in gold and silver span the gap between disparate jewellery pieces. Make multi-tone jewellery the staple of your accessory wardrobe, and you'll never run out of creative combinations.

Fashionable costume jewellery does more than just accessorise your outfits, it also lets you indulge your sense of fun. Think of it as a little bit of a fancy dress party every day of the week.

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